Sunday, January 4, 2009


The JAMSHUTS had the opportunity to play in San Jose last December 27, 2008 during their Christmas Sadya, an annual Municipal celebration.

The event was said to be the culmination part of the week long activity, spear headed by the San Jose municipal officials. Sports events such as volleyball, badminton, table tennis, basketball, billiards, and minus-one singing contest were played and contested by local participants and some coming from neighboring municipals.

The JAMSHUTS was headed by the upcoming Superintendent and ever vigorous Mr. Neri Ojastro, the present Officer in-Charge of Dumaguete City Division, Department of Education, and the lead guitarist of Jamshuts. Members of the band present during the jamming were Manix on bass, Domil and Demi on vocals, Terry on drums, Lando on keyboards, and Arn the rhythm guru.

Mr. Neri Ojastro and Arn, the rhythm guru were invited as judges for the minus-one singing contest. While other Jamshuts members were also invited as officiating officials for the sports activities.

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