Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to Compose the First Verse of a Song
These simple steps will broaden your knowledge of songwriting and lyricism. There are many types of songs, but all can be written according to the golden rule: be creative!

] Steps
Think about what the topic of the song is going to be.
Imagine the different scenes of each verse.
Try to stick to a 3-verse format. Put either the verse or the chorus first.
Think of and channel an emotion. If you want to write a song about love try and think of that feeling of having heartbreak, or falling in love.
Decide on the angle you desire to discuss in your song (violence, the effects, the story, etc).
Start from either the beginning or the end. It is sometimes more productive if you work backward. Let's say the song is about a person messing around with your best friend - if you start from the end, start with a sad scene. For instance: "Trapped in time, and I don't know what to do/These friends of mine, I can see right through/You don't got to tell me, I know what to do/I'm just sittin' back here, sharin' in the groove"
Roll with whatever comes to your mind - but make sure it makes sense.

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